Who are we

Brewery QQT1C

Cu ccu ti unci: craft beers in respect of the environment.

A place where beer culture mixes with the desire to be together in a unique atmosphere that unites friends, passers-by and true connoisseurs.
Choosing an excellent craft beer is about considering color, gradation and flavor. The role of a good brewer does not end with serving a drink but requires empathy towards each guest. You need to accompany him on a journey into the heart of hops in search of the craft beer that meets his tastes. Our task is precisely this, because attention to detail is what distinguishes us the most.

Simonetta Lo Verso

QQT1C: how it began

The story of QQT1C is the story of four friends who often went out to enjoy a good beer together. One day they thought that instead of touring the premises, they could create their own space that would become a reference point for pint lovers. The peculiarity would be to sell only Sicilian beer, produced by hand by master brewers in the area.. In the blink of an eye everything became reality and, what up to that moment seemed only a dream, turned into "QQT1C", the brewery with a Sicilian flavor that, in the center of Palermo, offers a cozy environment where you meet the desire to be together and love for beer.

Four Friends in a Brewery

The Four Owners