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QQT1C (cu ccu ti unci): craft beers in respect of the environment

In the dialect of Palermo it means "tell me who you join with", because saying with whom you hang out means so much about yourself.
In this pub in the center of Palermo you come in passing, to take friends to drink a good local craft beer. Here you pass then you come back and stay, but always in company.
Here at QQT1C you can drink your beer in a glass cup or in a disposable biodegradable glass. We care about the environment!

Carlo Melloni

Carlo Melloni / CEO


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Every month you can try six craft beers on tap.

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Love for beer, respect for the ingredients and care for details are our reciper to offer you an excellent quality craft beer every day.

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We carefully select each beer to offer you only the best ones.

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Each ingredient is produced at km 0 with high quality raw materials.

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Our menu is rich and varied, with rotating beers every month.

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Customer focus is our priority.